With business insurance you can protect what you worked hard for

With business insurance you can protect ...

Today if you are a businessman, you must protect your assets. Times are tough and nobody wants to lose everything in one moment. That’s why it is wise to acquire the best type of business insurance that meets your needs and your estimates. Businesses may suffer losses due to unforeseen disasters. These can include all-natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and tornadoes. Other risks are riot or arson. These factors...

6 key factors for business success

6 key factors for business success...

A company owner must coordinate various factors to achieve a particular goal. All aspects are equally important for making the business a success. Various departments should work in coordination with each other and the organization and financial planning should be determined properly. Modern businesses are more complicated and multi-stage. Achievements in technology and different consumer preferences are creating more challenges for the entrepreneur. All aspects of a business such...

A successful business: what you need to consider

A successful business: what you need to ...

A successful business is the purpose and content of all business owners. And the action is the fundamental key to all success. Most people fear failure in business and can not try again after failure. In general, there is no victory without failure, but victory is developed from previous failures. Basically discouragement and failure are two of the main obstacles to success so do not be discouraged by failure,...

The basics of developing your business marketing strategy

The basics of developing your business m...

The business strategy is one of those terms that may sound confusing but it really does not need to be. It can be described as a plan to show you where you're headed and how you will get there. After all, it is useless to have a fantastic product or service and a motivated workforce, if they do not know the direction they go in and what success looks...

Why B2Bs Should Be Using Facebook, Not Just LinkedIn

  • Skye Leist
  • September 16, 2014

There’s no question that B2Bs should be active on LinkedIn. After all it’s a social network with a business focus. People sign in to their LinkedIn account to read business related articles, make business connections, and update their professional profile. That’s why it’s no surprise that in a recent report from Social Media Examiner, the majority of B2B marketers surveyed said that LinkedIn was the most important social platform for their business. What was somewhat surprising is that the majority was just 33%. Just behind that, at 31%, was Facebook. Twitter was listed at just 16%. From this survey we can gather that Facebook is valued nearly at the same level as LinkedIn. So, if you’re a B2B marketer that has scoffed at the idea of utilizing Facebook as a marketing and branding tool, you may want to reconsider.

Yes, signing in to Facebook and signing in to LinkedIn are two very different experiences, but what’s important to keep in mind is that Facebook has the largest user base of all social networks and also has the most active user base. You may loo

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Startups: Broadcast Your Brand Through Lesser-Known Channels

  • Finn Torode
  • September 14, 2014

As the owner of a startup, you want to do everything you can to get the word out about your business, products and services. While you might understandably want to focus on getting your company name in the local paper, on TV and all over social media, there are also less common ways to help broadcast your brand. Consider using the following channels to help you refine and perfect your strategy.

HARO is Helpful

Help a Reporter Out, or HARO, is a free public relations website and tool that helps writers who need a source for their stories find people they can interview. If you’re trying to establish yourself as an expert in your field or just get your company name published in stories, you can respond to queries from journalists looking for someone in your field. For example, let’s say you own a small landscaping company that can handle all sorts of yard maintenance as well as outside tiling and barbecue pits. I

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Tool enables better collaborations between data science geeks and regular workers

  • Savannah Selle
  • September 12, 2014

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Companies who want to want to get ahead are often told that they need to take advantage of big data. However, turning the raw data into a coherent narrative and business strategy is a difficult task. In the past, weve seen apps such as Numerics help visualize key data on common mobile platforms such as iOS devices, but now Adatao is offering a more comprehensive solution that lets business leaders and data scientists work together more easily.

The service is split into two layers — pAnalytics, which is designed for analysts, and pInsights, which lets anyone create interactive visuals based on data. The first uses Apache Hadoop datasets and an API to enable data scientists to put information into applications that are easier to understand for colleagues in other departments. Using pInsights, those employees can then build charts, data maps and interactive elements to help put the data into context. A

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And other company news

  • Edward Newcomb
  • September 09, 2014

Elements Massage, Supercuts, Subway to lease spaceat Madison Farms

David Nicholson and Blake Gross of LMS Commercial Real Estate, a privately owned real estate company based in Lancaster, have arranged 1,803-square-foot, 1,413-square-foot and 1,287-square-foot leases with Elements Massage, Supercuts and Subway for Madison Farms land in Bethlehem.

The 123,001-square-foot Madison Farms is currently under construction, with space delivery in early 2015.

Pocono Raceway’s solar farm

achieves energy milestone

Nearly four years since the original dedication of Pocono Raceway’s solar farm, the total amount of energy produced by the 25-acre facility reached the 15 million kilowatt-hour mark.

The raceway’s solar installation consists of 39,960 American-made solar panels, which will produce an estimated 72 million kilowatt hours of energy over the next 20 years.

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Online marketing round-up: Verizon must pay, Enterprize gets a new name and more

  • Skye Leist
  • September 06, 2014

Friday, Friday! Time for another round-up of interesting online marketing related articles and blog posts that didnt make it on to Marketing Pilgrim during the week.

Bad Verizon, Bad

Verizon has agreed to pay a $7.4 million dollar fine for misuse of customer data. When you hear that, you probably think data breech or that they ignored customers wishes. But what they actually did was NOT give 2 million new customers a chance to opt-out of marketing offers within 5 days of signup.

Sounds kind of steep. Its not like they used a customers credit card to charge a trip to the Bahamas. But the FCC is mad and that aint good. Going forward, Verizon will include an opt-out notice on every bill.

What I want to know is, who gets the fine?

TV Buzz Reports

Last year, Nielsen began calculating the worth of a TV show based on the number of Tweets.

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New Luxury Item: Butter?

  • Savannah Selle
  • September 05, 2014

Will American shoppers soon be saying, “I cant believe I cant afford butter?” Butter prices hit a record high on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange this week, and with the levels of the stuff in storage down 42% over this time last year, “Americans are about to be reminded that butter is a luxury,” according to Quartz. Butters price has surged 62% this year, notes Bloomberg, and demand keeps going up: US consumption of the commodity has reached its highest level in 40 years as consumers turn toward natural foods instead of processed ones like margarine.

“Ultimately, theres good demand for cream-based products that’s tightening up the market,” a broker explains to Bloomberg. “We havent had a tremendous amount of milk to deal with either, and the quality of fat in milk has gone down.” But in the heart of dairy country, an analyst for the University of Wisconsin-Madison predicts prices will start going down again when businesses have finished stocking up for the holiday season. T

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11 Tips to Increase Your Twitter Following

  • Edward Newcomb
  • September 03, 2014

Dont think Twitter is a valuable business resource? Think again. The social platform has more than 255 million users, and it can be an essential business/marketing tool. However, building a following can be difficult if you arent an experienced Twitter user.

Recently, 11 tips they think can help kickstart a Twitter following. Those tips include:

1. Post regularly and keep it conversational.

2. Include photos with your tweets, when appropriate.

3. Share content from others.

4. Use hashtags.

5. Follow back.

6. Respond to all questions.

7. Ask for feedback.

8. Try to acknowledge most, if not all, tweets that reference you.

9. Host a TweetChat.

10. Create Twitter-only offers.

11. Include your Twitter ID everywhere.

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