With business insurance you can protect what you worked hard for

With business insurance you can protect ...

Today if you are a businessman, you must protect your assets. Times are tough and nobody wants to lose everything in one moment. That’s why it is wise to acquire the best type of business insurance that meets your needs and your estimates. Businesses may suffer losses due to unforeseen disasters. These can include all-natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and tornadoes. Other risks are riot or arson. These factors...

6 key factors for business success

6 key factors for business success...

A company owner must coordinate various factors to achieve a particular goal. All aspects are equally important for making the business a success. Various departments should work in coordination with each other and the organization and financial planning should be determined properly. Modern businesses are more complicated and multi-stage. Achievements in technology and different consumer preferences are creating more challenges for the entrepreneur. All aspects of a business such...

A successful business: what you need to consider

A successful business: what you need to ...

A successful business is the purpose and content of all business owners. And the action is the fundamental key to all success. Most people fear failure in business and can not try again after failure. In general, there is no victory without failure, but victory is developed from previous failures. Basically discouragement and failure are two of the main obstacles to success so do not be discouraged by failure,...

The basics of developing your business marketing strategy

The basics of developing your business m...

The business strategy is one of those terms that may sound confusing but it really does not need to be. It can be described as a plan to show you where you're headed and how you will get there. After all, it is useless to have a fantastic product or service and a motivated workforce, if they do not know the direction they go in and what success looks...

Are You Investing in Your Business for the Long Haul?

  • Finn Torode
  • October 29, 2014

One of the biggest challenges facing small business owners is how to balance the daily obligations and tasks with planning for the future.

It is often difficult for managers and owners to figure out how to achieve that balance, but it is essential for long-term growth.

Call of the Urgent

Many small business owners focus on whatever is most urgent.

If they are just starting out, it may be marketing to gain new customers. When the marketing pays off and they face an influx of new business, they must deal with the challenges that come along with it.

When the wave of business has slowed down, they often have to start from the beginning. It can become tiring over time as they attempt

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Blog on a Daily Basis (If You Can)

  • Skye Leist
  • October 28, 2014

According to HubSpot’s 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report:

Seventy-nine percent of companies who have a blog report a positive ROI for inbound marketing this year, compared with just 20% of those companies that do not have a blog. In fact, 82% of marketers who blog on a daily basis acquired a customer using their blog, as opposed to 57% of marketers who just blog monthly – still an impressive statistic!

Basically, this data is telling us that blogging on a monthly basis is good, but blogging on a daily basis is even better. If you’re currently in the “monthly basis” group, it’s time to seriously consider ramping up your blog posting frequency. Yet, the most important thing to think about is whether or not you have the resources to do so. If ramping up your blog posting frequency means that the additional content might be rushed or the quality might not be as great, don’t even think about it. But if you ca

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World’s Richest Add $500K Per Minute

  • Savannah Selle
  • October 28, 2014

The global charity Oxfam has a new report pointing out that the number of billionaires in the world has doubled since the financial crisis. Specifically, the billionaires club has grown from 793 in March 2009 to 1,645 in March 2014, reports CNBC.

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North American Bancard FAQ of The Week: What Comes With PayAnywhere Storefront?

  • Edward Newcomb
  • October 25, 2014

Question: Im intersted in signing up for PayAnywhere Storefront, what all comes in the box and how do I set it up?

Answer: Setting up your PayAnywhere Storefront tablet is easy. Check out a video tutorial by clicking on the photo below to see what comes in box, how to connect the power cable, how to turn the tablet on and how to connect to WiFi so that you can log in and start accepting credit cards.

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Vast Majority of Mobile Users Visually Engage with Native Advertising

  • Edward Newcomb
  • October 22, 2014

At a recent IAB UK Digital Upfronts event, Yahoo revealed research showing that mobile users aren’t turned off by native ads. In fact, mobile users are twice as likely to say that they don’t care if content is an ad–as long as it is engaging.

Yahoo research indicated that 85% of mobile users “visually engaged” with native ads presented in the context of a stream of content, which is 21 percent higher than the number of users who engage with other mobile channel display ads.

“The mobile stream and the integrated impact of advertising and content sitting so well together, so that people don’t filter out ads, is the upside and benefits of what native is about,” Patrick Hourihan, Yahoo EMEA head of research told Marketing Week.

In a recent SearchEngineWatch.com report, Adam Stetzer proposed that native advertising may be the missing link in many small business content marketing plans.

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Snapchat to users ‘this is going to feel a little weird’

  • Skye Leist
  • October 22, 2014

Snapchat launched their first in-app ad today and with it came the all-to-familiar, we hope this will save us, apology.

This one might be my all-time favorite:

This weekend we’re placing an advertisement in “Recent Updates” for Snapchatters in the United States. It’s the first time we’ve done anything like this because it’s the first time we’ve been paid to put content in that space. It’s going to feel a little weird at first, but we’re taking the plunge.

The app caters to young users and it has a reputation for naughty behavior, so I get the thinly veiled, double entendres but still. . . .

 An advertisement will appear in your Recent Updates from time to time, and you can choose if you want to watch it. No biggie. It goes away after

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A Lot Of First-Page Google Results Are Using HTTPS

  • Skye Leist
  • October 18, 2014

[ Search]

Two months ago, Google announced that HTTPS is now a ranking signal used in its algorithm. The company had been pushing the use of HTTPS (HTTP over TLS/Transport Layer Security) for quite some time, and called for “HTTPS everywhere” at Google I/O earlier in the summer.

This week at SMX East Google indicated that 30% of first-page search results have HTTPS URL, which seems to say a lot. Barry Schwartz at SMX sister site Search Engine Land reports:

Gary [Illyes] explained that while only 10% of the crawled and discovered URLs on the web are HTTPS URLs, that 30% of the first page search results contain at least one or more HTTPS URLs. So if you are looking at all the queries done on Google, 30% of the first page of the Google search results for each of those queries have at least one HTTPS URL listed in the results.

He didn’t know why that was the case but he said it was indeed something Google noticed and wanted to share.

Google said when it announced the ranking signal that it would be a very lightweight signal at least for the time being. The c

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